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Bar P3 Indoor LED Showcase

P3 indoor LED display can be installed in all kinds of KTV and bars, inspired by designers, creative LED display can be made into various shapes to match the overall design style. Unique design can always bring extraordinary visual effect to the audience.

The unique stage module of P3 indoor LED display can be combined with the rhythm of live music, perfectly displaying all kinds of dreamlike, dazzling, mysterious and gorgeous color visual impact, bringing a wonderful audiovisual world to the audience!


It meets the special requirements of high-end bar / KTV / stage and other night scenes on the lighting background. The shock effect brought by super visual impact increases the attraction of night venues and greatly improves the grade and taste of night venues. It is the current high-end night scene, in the decorative application of the new bright spot.

The advantages of LED display manufacturers, outdoor P3 indoor LED display mainly reflected in the phenomenon of no particles and mosaics, high color saturation, more symmetrical color display. Fluent and vivid video without ripple and blank, high-definition image transmission, clear image restoration accuracy, bring the greatest visual enjoyment to the audience.

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