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P10 Outdoor LED Display Screen

The P10 outdoor LED display screen is successfully lit in the outdoor, which is a large-scale public, propaganda project, exhibition and other functions as one of the outdoor large screen. Further strengthen the soft power of urban culture.


Outdoor LED Display Screen in Chongqing

PH10 High Definition Outdoor LED Display

[Product Model] PH10

[Point spacing] 10 mm

[Optimum visual range] 10-300 metres

120 square meters

[Physical density] 10000 points per square metre

[Brightness] Over 7500 cd/m2

[Overview of LED Display Box]

High-definition LED display displays are displayed in places where there is a lot of traffic at the exit, and the playback effect is smooth and gorgeous, so that visitors can see the praise of the previous tourism. This screen uses P10 outdoor LED display, with a total area of 120 square meters.

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