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Longgang Real Estate Company adopts p2.5 Indoor High Definition LED Display Screen

PH2.5 HD Indoor LED Display Screen

[Product Model] PH2.5

[Point spacing] 2.5mm

Optimum Visual Distance 2.5-100 M

[Screen area] 24 square meters

[Physical Density] 160000 Points/m2

Brightness (> 1500)

[Summary of LED Display Case]

          The real estate company adopts the LED SINO P2.5 indoor high-definition LED display screen, which has fine workmanship, strict quality detection, and very rigorous production of each product. Over the years, the installation of the company's products has been more convenient. The product has reached E-level in terms of color resolution, performance and color grade.


       Color reductibility, it means the color reductibility of the images, P2.5 indoor HD led displays color need to keep highly congruent with the play source color, to ensure the authenticity of the image.


        If you have any questions or good ideas about P2.5 indoor HD led display, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we value and need every customer’s proposals, together to establish a permanent partnership, with professional skills and enthusiastic services!


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