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Fixed LED Display

  • KN-light SMD


  • Height


  • Width


  • Cabinet Weight


  • Brightness


  • Refresh Rate


Fixed Indoor LED Display

Pixel pitch 2.5/3/4/5/6mm Fixed Indoor LED Display enliven your indoor environment by delivering a spectacular viewing experience. These dynamic displays captivate the audience and are an ideal communication medium for like retail stores, theater




Designed  Cabinets  Are  Available

Our groundbreaking solid-state cabinets is more than just a screen. We are perpetually improving our creative 
hardware technology to offer you the industry’s best reliability, value and customer satisfaction,
Come see our many types cabinets being made in our new robotic factory.

New Perspective Optimize Design,Cover Core Mainstream Audience

The display gets ≥160° in the left and right directions, and the viewing angle ≥120° degrees in the upper and lower directions. Even if the screen faces direct light, there is no reflective image.

New-Perspective-Optimize-DesignCover-Core-Mainstream-Audience (1).jpg

Indoor  LED  Display  Specifications

Product NameX-2.5TIX-3TIX-4TIX-5TIX-6TI
Pixel Pitch(mm)P2.5P3P4P5P6
LED Encapsulation MakeNationstarNationstarNationstarNationstarNationstar
LED TypeSMD 2020SMD 2020SMD 2020SMD 2020SMD 3528
Cabinet Dimension(W x H, mm) **480*480768*7681024*768960*960960*960
Service AccessFront / BackFront / BackFront / BackFront / BackFront / Back
Standard Brightness(nits)(cd/m2)1200120012008001200
Viewing Angle160 * 140160 * 140160 * 140160 * 140160 * 140
Contrast Ratio2000 : 12000 : 12000 : 12000 : 12000 : 1
Power Consumption (Avg.)(Watts/Tile)56177198147110
Refresh Rate(Hz)Upto 1920Upto 1920Upto 1920Upto 1920Upto 1920
Driving ICMBI 5124MBI 5124MBI 5124MBI 5124MBI 5124
Ingress Protection (IP) RatingIP31IP31IP31IP31IP31
Cabinet TypeMild SteelMild SteelMild SteelMild SteelMild Steel
Data ProcessingUpto 16 BitUpto 16 BitUpto 16 BitUpto 16 BitUpto 16 Bit

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