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High Resolution LED Display

  • KN-light SMD


  • Height


  • Width


  • Cabinet Weight


  • Brightness


  • Refresh Rate


P1.875 indoor SMD Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

Tiny details to witness the quality of the ingenuity; Years of painstaking research,Create an excellent work,Provides the industry’s most ideal perfect polarity solution



Die-cast  Aluminum  Integrated  Molding

Exquisite craftsmanship demonstrates luxury quality,With new die-cast aluminum high-strength materials,
Precision machined by CNC,The flatness of the cabinet is up to 0.01mm


16:9  Golden  Division  Ratio

It can be point to point spliced to the LED display fo standard 720P, 1080P, 2160P, 3840P, etc.


Extra  Wide  Viewing  Angle

Excellent display at all angles.The picture is pure,No impurities


Efficient  Heat  Dissipation,Ultra-Quiet  Operation

High heat dissipation panel processing technology,Fast heat dissipation,Longer life,No panel burns;Fanless silent design 
institute,Natural heat dissipation,No noise,More suitable for indoor applications.


High  Grayscale  And  High Contrast

The picture has a strong sense of hierarchy.Suitable for any indoor environmentHigh-Grayscale-And-High-Contrast.jpg

Power  System  Dual  Backup

Double layer reliability,Power backup,Guarantee system stability,100,000 hours of operation without failure;
Products through UL, FCC, CE, 3C and other related quality certification,Safe and reliable.


No  Tailing  Ghosting, Sweeping

3840HZ,Playing a dynamic picture has a bigger advantage,There will be no tailing and ghosting,Just like acting on the spot.


Full  Pre-Maintenance,More  Convenient  Maintenance

The control card, power supply and wiring can be folded from the front;There is no need to reserve maintenance 
access behind the screen.Wall mounted,Save space.


High  Resolution  LED Display  Specifications

Pixel Pitch(mm)P1.26P1.56P1.87
LED Encapsulation MakeNationstarNationstarNationstar
Cabinet Dimension(W x H, mm)1920 x 10801920 x 10801920 x 1080
Wall Dimension(W x H, mm)2432 x 13683000 x 1687.53600 x 2025
Weight(Including Structure)(kg)180270380
Service AccessFrontFrontFront
Standard Brightness(nits)(cd/m2)5001000800
Viewing Angle140 x 140160 x 160160 x 160
Contrast Ratio2000 : 12000 : 12000 : 1
Max. Power Consumption (kW)2.54.26
MCB Rating(Single Phase)163240
Refresh Rate(Hz)Upto 3840Upto 3840Upto 3840
Ingress Protection (IP) RatingIP20IP31IP31
Cabinet TypeDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast Aluminium
Input Ports(Optional)1*DVI, 1VGA, 1*CVBS, 1*HDMI, 1*Audio
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