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      Video Monkey Limited is a high-tech enterprise specializing in LED soft module, special-shaped custom LED display, energy saving LED electronic display screen, outdoor LED large screen, indoor HD LED display, LED rental display, production, sales and engineering services. The company is established in HongKong, which is the most high technology and electronic technology in China. Through our efforts, the company has steadily realized the expansion from the traditional market to electronic and digital products, from the domestic market as the leading market to the domestic and international markets.

     At the beginning of the company, the company ran to the direction of special shape customization, cylindrical LED display, wave shape LED display, and energy saving LED display. In the early days of the company, the company established a long-term research and research and development of special-shaped customization, LED flexible display screen and product development. Outdoor ph1.875, pH2, pH2.5, pH4, pH5, PH3, outdoor PH10, PH16, PH20 plug-in full color energy-saving display screen. For a long time, the company is committed to building a friendly and win-win partnership. Under the strong support of the government, we have not only established good domestic contractors and traders in China. Alliance partner and good strategy, and international strategic partners has also developed very fast, shared by international cooperation and division of labor has brought huge economic benefits and the effect of products. Combined with the energy saving and pollution-free effect of the whole industry, the government's strong support and so on, international strategy and partnership not only expand the overseas trade, make our export volume increase year by year, the development momentum is very vigorous, and promote the production technology level and management level of the new Austrian optoelectronic, and promote the international quality standard. Certification, enhance the competitiveness of the industry. In addition, we accelerated the process of establishing a global service system and sales network through the international strategic alliance. Today, the new Austrian Innolux brands are increasingly affected by the same industry and recognized by the majority of users and praise, it depends on our work over the years and gradually formed very fruitful in the work of quality awareness, service awareness, user awareness of the results.

The high-tech, high growth, high return and internationalization of China Vision innovation are guaranteed by modern and scientific management. In response to the call for energy conservation by the party and the state, the innovation has passed through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, the national electronic mandatory certification CCC recognition, the European Communist Party FCC, the CE and the United States UL. Authentication. Effective risk prevention mechanisms and standardized internal control systems have been established inside enterprises. Our contract review system has always been known for its strictest discipline. We are full of wisdom and talent incentive mechanism and improve staff training and education system, create a positive corporate culture, make all kinds of talents combined with fusion. At the technical level, in cooperation with Toshiba, the accumulation of other companies, has a world-class video control and drive technology, realize the modular design of all products, chips and Japan Nichia, American Cree, Taiwan Jingyuan, Wuhan Huacan and other manufacturers. As the innovation with advanced production equipment and perfect quality management system; the production capacity, as the innovation is from component testing, screening and module manufacturing by LED display products, perfect detection means and technology. It has condensed a batch of professional and managerial personnel in the LED industry, providing strong technical support and management guarantee for continuously improving the technology and quality of products. The product has been widely used in advertising, bars, airports, stations, ports, stadiums, banks, schools, factories, shopping malls, hospitals, commercial real estate companies, etc.. Products are exported to the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Australia, Denmark, Turkey, Poland, Romania and so on. All our efforts are a common source of creation, that is a new Olympic record "the world the ideal photoelectric photoelectric cause rapid development" to promote the rapid development of the LED shaped display, flexible LED display"!

    With advanced technology, stable technology, automatic production equipment and reasonable price, the company has made the innovation of Huashi rapidly become the focus of the industry. Huashi innovation has a management team and sales team composed of senior industry experts, market experts and management experts. To provide customers with standard and easy to use products, "moving customers with service and winning customer satisfaction with product quality" is our purpose, with LED soft module, LED flexible display, LED energy saving products as the main development direction of technology enterprises, also hope to have more in-depth research on energy conservation, benefit all mankind, energy saving and big Home.

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