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Advantages of Transparent Screen
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      The outstanding advantage of transparent display technology is that it can add virtual digital information to the display world, blur the boundary between virtual and reality, and provide users with a deeper human-computer interaction experience.

       Transparent LED display screen Gu Ming means that the LED display screen has the property of light transmission like glass. Its realization principle is micro-innovation of the lamp screen, targeted improvement of patch technology, lamp bead packaging, control system, and hollow design structure, which reduces the obstruction of structural components to the line of sight and maximizes the perspective effect.

       At the same time, it has a novel and unique display effect. The audience stands at an ideal distance to watch, and the picture is suspended above the glass curtain wall. Transparent LED screen expands the application of LED display to the two markets of building glass curtain wall and commercial retail window, which has become a new trend of the development of new media.

       Transparent LED display is a new type of ultra-transparent LED display technology. It has a permeability of 70%-95%. The thickness of the panel is only 10mm. The panel of the LED unit can be installed from behind the glass. The size of the unit can be customized according to the size of the glass. It has little influence on the color perspective of the glass curtain wall and is convenient for installation and maintenance.

        Although LED transparent screen has been successfully built and applied at present, there are some contradictions between them in terms of point spacing and permeability. You know, the smaller the dot spacing of the LED display screen, the higher the clarity, the better the display effect. One of the important reasons why the two LED transparent screen is popular in the market is that it has good permeability, so it is necessary to sacrifice a certain degree of clarity to improve the transparency of the LED. How to choose on clarity and transparency is a must for enterprises to understand and treat. Different customers have different needs and choices. As a result, the trend of private customization of LED transparent screen is more and more. Customized LED can be better applied to various projects.

       If customers have special requirements, for example, to make arc, fold and other irregular shapes, structural design and installation and operation plan need to be planned ahead of time before implementation. Manufacturers need to carry out one-to-one project design of lamp length, box size and shape, which will consume more manpower and material resources. Therefore, the unit price of special-shaped LED glass curtain wall is more expensive than that of conventional flat-shaped products.

       Transparent LED display began to be refined from conceptual products to application-oriented products, focusing on market application needs, such as integration of 3D, interactive touch, 4K and other trend elements. In the next time, transparent display screen will enter the stage of popularization in the real sense. For commercial display field, the application of digital signage will become a breakthrough. They have a natural fit in the emphasis on display. Jewelry products display, Zoo Aquarium information display and other fields will be representative applications.

       In general, the application of glass curtain wall LED display is more and more extensive. It can be seen in various occasions such as building glass curtain wall, brand chain store, business center, sky curtain landscape, 4S automobile shop and so on.

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