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Under the current epidemic, how to disinfect LED display screen and indoor
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      The outbreak of novel coronavirus is a test for the display industry. In this test, the LED display industry has delivered a good answer. For example, the industry has overcome many difficulties with firm determination, and the LED display has undertaken many tasks during the epidemic that did not meet expectations, such as many monitoring and publicity tasks. However, the epidemic has also exposed some problems in many LED display industry. For example, many LED display users have little knowledge of LED display disinfection.

     For professionals who know the characteristics of LED display screens, they all know some problems that should be paid attention to in the process of disinfection of LED display screens and storage places.

     The epidemic prevention and disinfection of large LED screens during the epidemic cannot be ignored in several minefields.


     Carefully use 84 disinfectant containing (chlorine, bromine) and high-efficiency disinfectant to directly spray and disinfect the storage, production and use environment of LED products! ! ! ! It is forbidden to wipe and disinfect the LED screen with various disinfectant and medical alcohol! ! ! Mixed use of 84 disinfectant and alcohol is prohibited.

     Because the disinfection principle of 84 disinfectant containing chlorine and bromine is strong oxidation, accompanied by strong corrosiveness and volatility. LED devices (such as lamp beads and chips) have extremely strong reaction to halogen and have high risks of pollution, metal migration and corrosion. Therefore, 84 disinfectant may be harmful to LED bulbs and chips. The display screen and other supporting devices cause injuries.

     In the process of disinfection and protection of LED display screens, disinfection solution should be used with caution. The said "careful use" is not absolutely unacceptable, and 84 disinfection solution can be used for COB display screens.

     COB display screen is an LED display screen based on COB technology. Due to the integrated packaging mode of COB, a large number of LED chips are integrally packaged on a huge substrate, and the seamless connection between COB modules forms a strong protective shield. 84 disinfectant is difficult to penetrate into the COB packaging medium, thus avoiding the damage of disinfectant to the COB display screen.

     After understanding some characteristics of LED display screen, LED display screen manufacturers will carefully choose disinfectant II when resuming work to avoid mass losses of LED display screen caused by improper disinfection II.

     However, the LED display industry has to face a practical difficulty that many LED displays are scattered all over the country and belong to different users. Disinfectant for LED displays has become an important problem under the epidemic situation. If the display users accidentally use improper disinfectant, it will cause certain damage to LED displays. If the service life of the LED display screen is shortened, and the LED display screen is colored and rotten due to device damage, it will have a negative impact on the ecology of the entire LED display screen industry.


     How will the exposed problems be solved?

     First of all, with the resumption of work and production in the LED display industry, enterprises in the industry will receive different orders. In the delivery process of orders, LED display manufacturers shall, according to the characteristics of LED displays, focus on explaining to LED display distributors what disinfectant solution our LED display products are suitable for. LED display screen manufacturers should continue to actively study and explore new LED display screen disinfection methods such as ultraviolet disinfection so as to avoid the disadvantages of improper disinfection methods in the past.

     Pay attention to the scale when using suitable disinfectant for disinfection. Generally, the ratio of 84 disinfectant to water is 1/9. If the disinfectant is sprayed directly, the concentration of hydrochloric acid will be too high, which will cause harm to human body. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the use of disinfectant.

     Finally, defeating the epidemic requires us to unite as one and unite as one. As a member of the LED display screen industry, haul, which can contribute a little to the popularization of LED display screen disinfection and protection, is also contributing to the victory over the epidemic situation, because the further spread of our knowledge on LED display screen protection will enable LED display screens to play their own unique display efficacy, and can play the role of LED display screens in epidemic situation transmission and epidemic situation monitoring.                    

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